Emotional Acapella Presentation: At CHAIM MEDICAL resource Retreat. Motty Ilowitz Shira Yingerlech


רייכע “שבח והודאה” פרעזענטאציע דורך ר’ מאטי אילאוויטש, שירה און יונגערליך כאר
Shevach Vehoda’ah Presentation: At CHAIM MEDICAL resource Retreat By Motty Ilowitz Shira choir and Yingerlech boys choir.

Jewish Acapella sefira music.

What’s Chaim Medical Resource all about?
Chaim Medical Resource is a non-profit organization providing support to individuals and families facing the devastating effects of medical crises. Guiding them through the maze of doctors, specialists, hospitals, and any treatment options available, we support them in every way possible and find hope in the most impossible places.

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