Energetic Moments! Duvid Fleischman, Yoeli Fischer, Yedidim | דוד פליישמאן, יואלי פישער, ידידים


I’m thrilled to introduce my very first music video to you all! In collaboration with the incredible Yoeli Fischer and his orchestra, I present to you “Energetic Moments” – a dynamic video featuring yours truly.

This project encapsulates a remarkable selection of high-energy, yet spiritually uplifting songs. In this medley, we poured our hearts into the performance, aiming to make you feel every note. The music’s vibrancy, the joyous ambiance, it’s all as if the air itself is electrified!

Joined by the exceptional vocalists from the Yedidim Choir and an ensemble of outstanding musicians, we invite you to join us in celebrating and dance along to these sensational hits. So, let’s rise to our feet and groove to the rhythm together!

A very special thanks to: Shloime Scharf, Moishe Yacub.
.אחרון אחרון חביב מיין טייערע טאטע

Music Arranged & Performed by: Yoeli Fischer Creation. Programming by: Hershy Friedman.
Choirs by: Yedidim Choir.
Led & Arranged by: Yoel Hersh Fuchs.
Live Mix: Shimon Weinstock – Pulse SVL.
Sound & Lighting: Pulse SVL.
Staging: Evolve Stages.
Mixing/Mastering-V Gold Beat Production.
Filmed at: The Imperial Hall.
Filmed & Edited by: Ari Levy – Studio On Dot. Thumbnail Design: Zeira / Aim Creatives.
PR & Digital Marketing: JMI.

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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