Hillel Zaltsman – Birchas Habayis | הלל זלצמן – ברכת הבית


A gorgeous and elegant Chupah song coupled with Hillel’s beautiful baritone voice captures the true feelings and prayers which are wished upon the Chosson and Kallah on their wedding day, setting the evening tone for an emotional, deeply connecting, and uplifting Chupah.

Song Composed by Eli Gold
Song Produced by Moshe Siegel
Music video filmed and edited by Nathan Kafizof of “NY Film Productions”

Music Video Credits:
Dovi Spero – Homeless guy
Elie Mishory and crew! – Family
Shalom Kramsky – Passerby.
Hillel & Yosef Cohen – Flashback scene.
R’ Sofer- Father in law.
Eli Neuman

For Chupah and Wedding inquiries:

[WordFiltered] https://www.[WordFiltered].com/hillelzaltsman/
[WordFiltered]: https://open.[WordFiltered].com/album/42yZuTu6yWMQPFr09SKLrp?si=mL8TTL8YSl6Zbrj4LI9mWw
[WordFiltered]: https://[WordFiltered]/us/album/birchas-habayis/1649084431?i=1649084432
Amazon Music: https://music.amazon.com/albums/B0BHQJD4WG?ref=dm_sh_4XDQmCBqqFV8GrJD1cPrc5tY7

Special Thanks to:
Ateres Elka (wedding hall)
Dougies BBQ & Grill
Jake & Sons Barber Shop
Mishory Family

Thank you to our sponsors!
Menachem Lapidus and Family
Dmitry Tokar and Family

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