IDF’s Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus Discussing Israeli Hostages: Insider Insights


Today we have a very special episode. I have a very special guest with us tonight. You might recognize him. His name is Jonathan Cornicus Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Cornicus. He’s been an absolute advocate for the Jewish people. He’s at the forefront of every single news publication and they’ve been beating him up. It’s not been easy for you, Jonathan. And I gotta tell you, you’re making us all proud and thank you so much for that. And thank you for being on the show with us tonight.

LTC. (res.) Jonathan Conricus (00:28.109)
Thank you, a pleasure and an honour. Thank you for having me.

Berel Solomon (01:01.544)
about the women and the children, but the men too. I have a few questions for you. We’ve been discussing, they’ve been discussing the hostage deal. First of all, does the IDF know where the hostages are?

LTC. (res.) Jonathan Conricus (01:17.679)
We have information. It’s very delicate and very sensitive. And even though I’m sure that I’m speaking to friends and with friends and I am with a friend, maybe others who shouldn’t hear what we know will listen. So I’ll have to guard myself and say that we have information. We are collecting it relentlessly. The fact that our soldiers are on the ground fighting Hamas in K-9.

you know, house to house, tunnel to tunnel warfare, is providing us with additional information. And what we’re doing is trying to collect as much as possible information in order to compile a picture that will allow us to act on that picture. What we’re hearing now and what’s in the making, and hopefully will be completed successfully, is the rescue, or the delivery, sorry.

of Israeli hostages under a deal that has been brokered and hopefully we will see that completed successfully in at least some of the Israeli hostages that have now been held for 47 days in Hamas tunnels so maybe some of them hopefully some of them 50 or more will be reunited with their loved ones and back home in Israel but it is with a heavy heart that we make

Berel Solomon (02:28.16)

Berel Solomon (02:38.493)

LTC. (res.) Jonathan Conricus (02:44.347)
and hate-filled terrorist organization. It’s always, you know, in war, it’s never good choices. It’s all different levels of bad. But I think that the paramount consideration here is the opportunity to bring some of the hostages home, some of the most vulnerable and sensitive hostages back home, women and children. And that is probably what guided the Israeli government when they voted on it and decided

Berel Solomon (03:21.32)

LTC. (res.) Jonathan Conricus (03:41.947)
We will do it other ways, military ways, but at the end of this war, two things must be accomplished. One, the complete unconditional destruction of Hamas, militarily, politically, logistically, financially. And the second thing is the safe return of our hostages, hopefully alive. But if not, then we will do everything we can to get all of them home. These are two important things that will happen.

before this war ends.

Berel Solomon (04:12.608)
Amen. So question for you is, who’s doing the negotiate? Like on their side, so from what I understand Qatar has been a big part of this negotiation. First of all, who is Qatar negotiating with on the Hamas’s side? They’re negotiating with the head of Hamas that’s sitting in another country somewhere? Is that who they’re negotiating with? Or is Israel negotiating directly with Hamas?

LTC. (res.) Jonathan Conricus (04:40.043)
I wouldn’t say that the Qataris are negotiating with. I think that they are negotiating on behalf of, which is an important distinction. They are… No, they’re not. No, they’re not. They are important now and useful. They’re a country that enjoy significant status in the US. They’re a… What’s it called?

Berel Solomon (04:48.28)
Well, so they’re not exactly the good guys here. It’s they’re…

LTC. (res.) Jonathan Conricus (05:10.029)
And that is odd for a country that is an active supporter of terrorist organizations, Hamas included.

Berel Solomon (05:19.895)
Why would Hamas hand over the hostages? Why is the five day, I mean again, Hashem, God, please return the hostages. Whatever it takes, of course. But what is in it for them? Five day cessation of fighting, what does that give them? They get to have a five night sleep? What does that give them?

LTC. (res.) Jonathan Conricus (05:39.583)
Yeah, listen, they’re under pressure. They’re under a lot of pressure. We’ve been at them since October the 8th. We’ve been firing at them from the air and since about two and a half weeks back, almost three, we’ve been maneuvering on the ground and taking the battle to them. They have sustained significant casualties in northern Gaza and in some other locations as well, but essentially northern Gaza. And they’ve been pleading for

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