Ishay Ribo Medley – Uri Davidi & Jacob Friedman Productions | אורי דוידי – מחרוזת ישי ריבו


Jacob Friedman presents a brand new, fully arranged live medley featuring the music of Ishay Ribo. Known for his poetic lyrics and soul stirring melodies, this singer-songwriter, has garnered a fanbase spanning the entire religious spectrum. Now join Uri Davidi and Jacob Friedman Productions’ highly acclaimed, award-winning musicians, as they cover the greatest Ribo hits, like you have never heard them before.

Produced and Directed by: Jacob Friedman
Music by: Jacob Friedman Orchestra & Productions
Live Sound Engineer: Chesky Levy
Mixed by: V-Gold Beat
Filmed by: Motty Engel
Video Edit: Studio On Dot

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0:00 – Halev Sheli (הלב שלי)
2:59 – Nechake Lecha (נחכה לך)
4:14 – Lashuv Habaita (לשוב הביתה)
7:10 – Techef Yipatach (תכף יפתח) / Comme Les Oiseaux
9:09 – Sibat Hasibot (סיבת הסיבות)

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