Lag BaOmer Medley – Shea Kaller | מחרוזת ל״ג בעומר – יושע קאלער


Shea Kaller is known as the chassidic rising pianist with a GOD given talent on the keys, Here to bring some nice arrangements to the world…

Enjoy this brand new lag baomer music video with some cool (jazz) Arrangements on a chassidic taste.

Produced by: Danny Flam.
Co. Produced & Arranged By: Shea Kaller

Drums: Gal Gershovsky.
Piano: Shea Kaller.
Guitar: Nachman Dreyer.
Bass: Shloime shpielman.
Clarinet: Yonoson Josef.
saxophone 1: Ron Bertolet.
saxophone 2: Joe Natale.
saxophone 3: Eitan Gofman.
Trumpet 1: Sam Hoyt.
Trumpet 2: Dev Smith.
Trombone 1: Danny Flam.
Trombone 2: Mike Fahie.
Mixed and Mastering: Baba Z Buerger.

Concept and Production by: Leiby Lenerowitz @ Power-On Studios

Special Thanks:
Danny Flam
Uren Leib Lenerowitz
Aba Berkowitz
Shloime Shpielman
Boruch Y. Gross
Motty Halperin
Gedalye Laufer
Sruly Laufer
Vigder Gluck
Ari Kohn
Yossi Mosseson
Avromi Tzwible
Yoely Zilbershtein
Srul David Weiss
Yossi Shick

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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