Lekavod Pesach – Yossi Shick Label Ft. Duvid Feder | לכבוד פסח – יוסי שיק מארח דוד פעדער


And here we go again: This happened Random-ly, without any planning prior to recording, Lipa Brauner this master talented dude called me up on Sunday if i wanna record something for Pesach, maybe some oldie he asks me…..

און שוין. האמיר צאמגעקלאפט עפעס שיין

It’s my honor and pleasure to be featuring my good friend and Chavrusah “Duvid Feder” (Why exactly do i call you my Chavrusah when you arrive each and every day an hour late to our Shiur, but for now i’ll leave you with that title…;), Duvid with his unique voice adds so much to this track, i’m sure y’all will enjoy it.

And thanks to my dear friend Lipa that didn’t help with any Pesach needs in the kitchen to ensure that he has enough time to play around with this music track (- and a few others).

(Audience: Tell me, what does this writer think….Does he think it’s Purim now?!!?!)

But Anyhow: Don’t listen while you crunch on the Matzah (You’ll then think our Master has some side static sounds – and that’s totally wrong, my guy Yanky is a real master when it comes to deliver a crispy mix)!

Chag Kosher V’Sameach.

Credits for the Traditional Track:
Song –
Golus Intro originally on Chaim Beim Seder – Kids Album
Chasal is A Traditional Old Melody brought to us by the Heiliger Magid Reb Shalom Shwadron, he caught up to it somewhere in England (Thanks to Yiddy Bialoflosky’s father that gave us this piece of extra information)
Music by Lipa Brauner.
Vocals Recorded by Master Studios, Chein Studios.
Mix by Yanky Cohen.
Cover Design by ArrangeI[WordFiltered]dia.

Thanks to Avrumy Lunger & Lebo Rhythem.

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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