Moishy Schwartz – Veha’er | מוישי שווארץ – והאר עינינו


I’m dedicating this origional song of mine
In memory of my beloved friend and mentor
The beautiful heart and soul
Shragee Gestetner
Who has given himself away to the learning of Torah
and has inspired countless people to follow in his footsteps.
Shragee we will never forget you.

This song was performed live at the 2021 OJPAC Appreciation Event on June 2021, in Tarrytown NY by lead vocalist/guitarist Moishy Schwartz accompanied by Avrumi Berko (keys), Meir Loffler (Percussions), Menachem Friedman (sax) and Stanislav & Co (Strings).

Composed: Moishy Schwartz
Music Arranged: Avrumi Berko
Live sound & production: KobyN Events Inc
Postproduction & mix: Gershy Schwartz @edgwarestudios
Filmed: Shimmy Socol
Video edit: Ari Levy @StudioOnDot
Cover design: Meilech Gross
Still shots: Moshe Grunfeld
Media Management: Moshe Deitsch

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Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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