Motti Feldman | מוטי פלדמן | Niggun Melech – Camp Oraysa Kumzitz


As we approach the days of awe The King of the universe accompanies us in his garden.The time is ripe to beg from our father in Heaven,
“כי אֵין לָנוּ אֶלָּא אַתָּה”

Song Composed-The Side Yard Studio & Motti Feldman

Keys-Lipa Brach
Bass-Shlome Spielman
Drums-Chemi Rosenfeld
Woodwinds-Yossi Zeiger
Choir Overdubs-Hickory Pines Choir
Live Sound-BH Audio
Live Engineering-Lazer Berkowitz
Lighting-DND Lighting
Post Production-Lipa Brach
Mix & Master-Ravid Kashti
Video Production-On Dot
Video Shot at Camp Oraysa

Special Thanks to Lipa Brauner & JJ Greenwald

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