Dudi Knopfler – Lev Choir – Acapella


I’m releasing my newest composition “והוא לבדו” in this challenging time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Right now, everyone is with mixed emotions, not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

As me being a Music Lover, I express my deepest feelings through music, so I sat down and composed this song “והוא לבדו”, meaning that Only Hashem is in control and runs everything. And if so, it’s surely for our benefit, even if we don’t understand it, because only goods can come from Hashem.

In a time like this, when a person has time to sit and think to himself, he can come to the realization that only in Hashem “והוא לבדו” we can trust and turn to for help.

While being in the Sefira days, I collaborat with one of the best choirs out there “Lev Voices”, to enhance the beauty of this melody.

I hope that this song will bring hope and Chizzuk to you as well
May we be Zoche to absorb the message of “והוא לבדו” through the good that Hashem will bring!

Listen, Share & Sing Along!

– Dudi Knopfler

Song Composed by: Dudi Knopfler.
Choir by: Lev Choir
Arranged & Conducted by: Aby Berkowitz.
Vocals & Choirs Recorded by: Shevach Studios.
Mixed & Mastered by: Aby Berkowitz.
Cover Design: YH Graphics/Arrange It Team Production.
Write-up: Dudi Knopfler & Yossi Shick.

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