Malchus Choir & Zanvil Weinberger – Vocal


The Malchus family reunites for its annual vocal with Zanvil! But this time there is corona, and they are wearing masks and gloves.

For the first time, the extended Malchus family is exposed in their personal corona life, איש תחת גפנו, this one is learning bechavrusa with his son and the other in a challenging Clicks game, some engaged in kitchen routine and others in a fenced-in porch, with vocal performances all connecting them.

Yossi Green’s ‘עוד ישבו זקנים וזקנות ברחובות ירושלים…’ Makes more sense than ever!

Joining this time are the “alumni,” who came out of the choir ranks for their own careers and are currently at the forefront of music and simcha halls, such as Yitzchak Sprei, Pinny Folk, Yossel Leifer, Moshi Nylander, Yishai Nylander and Yoily Davidovich.

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