Motti Vizel & Neshamah Choir – Neshamah Yeseira

The lyrics describe the holiness of Shabbos which resides within every Jew and the tranquility that envelops the soul on the day of rest, adding a tangible dimension to the Shabbos sanctity.

As Shabbos approaches, all Jews put aside their weekday occupations to prepare for her arrival , Motti and the Neshama choir went shopping in Osher Ad to purchase the finest delicacies in honor of Shabbos Kodesh.

Friday toward sunset, especially during a pandemic, the words ואפיק ית עמך מגוי גלותא take on new meaning, beginning with Kabbalas Shabbos echoing from the ancient stones of the Kosel , until the finale of the zemiros at a table befitting the Shabbos queen.

Musical artist R’ Motti Vizel in another collaboration with the renowned Neshama choir and conductor/ arranger Itzik Filmer present a moving, authentic Shabbos clip with professional musical arrangement by Yanky Landau.

The elegant tableware, courtesy of GKart is enhanced by C. Basch’s artistic floral and table arrangements. The finest wines are from Shiloh wineries, and the gourmet catering by master chef Chaim Bornstein.

A captivating medley with a true “Chassidishe bren” that will draw you into the spirit of Shabbos with tunes sung during the davening and “tish” of Shomrei Emunim, Vizhnitz and Lelov.

Watch and be inspired.


Musical arrangement: Yanky Landau
Vocal arrangement: Itzik Filmer

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