Purim – New York Boys Choir – Ad Delo Yoda


A Yitzy Bald/New York Boys Choir Production

New York Boys Choir, one of the freshest sounds on the Jewish music scene, under the guidance of renowned producer Yitzy Bald, and music producer Yoel Weiss, join forces to present this original pumping music track featuring a brand new original Yitzy Bald composition entitled “Ad Delo Yoda”.

ืึธืžึทืจ ืจึธื‘ึธื: ืžึดื™ื—ึทื™ึผึทื™ื‘ ืึดื™ื ึดื™ืฉื ืœึฐื‘ึทืกึผื•ึนืžึตื™ ื‘ึผึฐืคื•ึผืจึทื™ึผึธื ืขึทื“ ื“ึผึฐืœึธื ื™ึธื“ึทืข ื‘ึผึตื™ืŸ ืึธืจื•ึผืจ ื”ึธืžึธืŸ ืœึฐื‘ึธืจื•ึผืšึฐ ืžึธืจึฐื“ึผึณื›ึทื™

Rava said: A person is obligated to become intoxicated with wine on Purim until he is so intoxicated that he does not know how to distinguish between cursed is Haman and blessed is Mordecai.
Gemara Megilla 7b

Jews everywhere celebrate the Purim holiday by doing special mitzvos, such as reading the Megillah, providing for the poor, and sending food portions to their friends. An interesting tradition is to drink wine…..like what was done at the feast of Achashverosh. What’s the point?

The Purim story could have been viewed as a string of lucky coincidences. But the Jews of the time, with their newfound perception, knew better. They recognized that G-d was caring for them all along, whether they saw it or not. It was not the externals that mattered. It was never Haman who threatened them but their own sinfulness. And if their repentance would be total, the threats would collapse like a house of cards โ€“ disappearing into the thin air they were composed of to begin with.
Therefore, a beautiful message emerges from the story of Purim: Do not be superficial. Donโ€™t be fooled by the externals, by what our senses tell us, by what simple logic dictates. For there is another story โ€“ another level of reality โ€“ far beneath it. G-d is the one truly behind it all. His reality and His will are all that really matter. We may not always comprehend it with our simple human faculties โ€“ but we donโ€™t have to. At times like the Purim story the veil lifted briefly: We were able to see G-dโ€™s guiding hand throughout. But itโ€™s simply not dependent on that. He is there throughout โ€“ during our easy times and our not-so-easy ones, guiding us individually and nationally every step of the way.
On this one day we can just let go โ€“ for we know G-d is taking care of us.
And this is where wine comes in. Why dull our senses? Because there is a beautiful, profound message in it. G-d is taking care of us. It is happening on a level we often do not comprehend โ€“ and in fact, applying our myopic human logic may well lead us astray. We do not have to keep our senses alert to their fullest. We need not intellectualize and rationalize everything which occurs to us. For a short time we can just let go. We donโ€™t have to worry about the threats, the intractable problems which face us in life. The โ€œcursed in Hamanโ€ and โ€œblessed is Mordechaiโ€ are all one and the same โ€“ manifestations of the same loving G-d. And on this one day we see beyond them. For G-d is taking care of us. We can simply turn to Him and leave our worries with Him โ€“ and be happy.

Produced by
Yitzy Bald

Video Image and Graphics Produced by
Shmuel Bald

Choir Directed by
Yitzy Bald


Composed by
Yitzy Bald

Musical Production & Arrangements
Yoel Weiss
Yitzy Bald

Yitzy Bald Synths
Yossi Weiss Synths

Recorded at
Yoel Weiss Studios
Yitzy Bald Studios

Mixed and Mastered by
Yoel Weiss

Yitzy Kaplovitz
Ariel Moskowitz
Yehuda Oppen
Tzvi Silverman
Aharon Skolnik

Special Thanks to
The Parents of the Choir

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