Retzei – Meilich Grossman – Shea Kaller – Lev Choir | רצה – אלימלך גרוסמאן – שיע קאללער – מקהלת לב


Retzei – A captivating cantorial performance by Chazan Meilech Grossman.

Presented by Gershy Schwarcz from Edgware Studios.

This musical offering showcases Meilech’s incredible vocal range and musical ability.

The journey to bring “Retzei” to life was a unique one, as Gershy initially asked Meilech to learn some classic Yossele Rosenblat songs. After transferring the songs to Meilech’s kosher flip phone, the group ultimately chose “Retzei” as their standout favorite.

Featuring musical accompaniment by the astounding musical genius, Shea Kaller, powerful choir direction by the incomparable Aba Berkowitz and the Lev Choir, and a visually stunning music video directed by Hershy Segal who came all the way from Israel to make “Retzei” a true work of art.

“Retzei” is the result of a collaborative effort by skilled artists.

A Gershy Schwarcz Production
Starring: Meilech Grossman
Music Arranged by Shea Kaller
Featuring: Lev Choir (Directed by Aba Berkowitz)
Produced Mixed & Mastered by Gershy Schwarcz @EdgwareStudios
Cover Design: Shimon Rochman
Marketing: SolBlum Media


Video credits:
Directed, edited & Color-grading by Hershy Segal
Co-directed by: Gershy Schwarcz
Cinematography: Yosef Shelest

Book Meilech Grossman for your next event and add some serious soulful flavor to your simcha. Contact him at 845-263-0088.

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