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A couple of years ago, on one of my trips to Israel, I was sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for an appointment with someone, when I heard in the background someone playing piano in a very expressive, very unique and interpretive way. The song he was playing was familiar to me, but the style it was being played in, was bringing a whole new approach and feel to the music.

Totally enchanted and intrigued by this majestic piano playing, I went over to the piano and met a young man who introduced himself as Mendy Portnoy. The name Portnoy rang a bell for me from years back because the father, Joel Portnoy, had been one of the great child solo voices on the London School of Jewish Song albums. Furthermore, I was fortunate that Joel Portnoy appeared on my own first ever album in 1975! The album was called the New York School of Jewish Song. In fact, my Mentor Yigal Calek, had asked me at the time to compose a song that would make use of the incredible range and bell-like quality of this amazing voice. The song was ultimately recorded on the album and titled (Longest title ever!), YG New York School of Jewish Song – Zochreinu Lechayim.

Back to Mendy in the hotel lobby… I immediately asked him whether he would consider collaborating with me on a Shades of Green Project. This one would be totally different than the others as it would be purely instrumental and feature Mendy playing the Acoustic Piano in this wonderful new style that we decided to name: “Contemplative & Interpretive Piano Purity!” And what do you know? He agreed and here it is, ENJOY!

The final name for the project is Shades of Green – Pianesque: Piano Purity. It is still the album I myself listen to when in the mood for “Music Interpretation; Relaxation and right! Contemplation!”

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Shades of Green: Pianesque – Piano Purity Credits:
Produced by: Yossi Green
Songs & Music Composed by: Yossi Green
Music Arranged & Performed by: Mendy Portnoy
Mixed & Mastered by: Jeff Horvitch
Cover design by: KZ Creative

Songs Published by:
Oh Yeah Music – New York, NY

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