Shavuos Flowers: The Early Origins | RabbI Dr. Eliezer Brodt


This episode was לעילוי נשמת רפאל יצחק זאב בן שינדל

0:00 Introduction
7:50 Early sources; Machzor Maglei Tzedek
9:21 Maharil
10:40 R’ Tirna
11:40 Rama
13:29 Leket Yosher
14:02 Other early sources
15:50 Emanuel Haromi
18:38 Trees; Magen Avrohom
20:48 R’ Yehudah Aryeh Modena
23:54 Shelah Hakodesh: Another aspect to the Minhag
26:14 Early source from Targum Sheine, Chida
28:24 Chemdas Yomin
29:55 Orach HaShulchan
30:47 Chayai Adam and Gra
31:21 Shoel Umashiv
32:24 Marsham
33:50 What trees was the Gra referring to?
37:37 Impact of the Chayai Adam
40:22 Lithuanian Sources
43:43 Paper Flowers

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