Shloime Gertner – V’siten Luni | שלומי גרטנר – ותתן לנו חיים


This dynamic new Chassidic hit from British singing sensation Shloime Gertner, was actually in producer Gershy Moskowitz’s drawer for over 15 years. When Gershy was just starting out in music, he got this song from hitmaker Pinki Weber, and it seemed to have just got lost in the mix of things. About half a year ago, after visiting a patient with Covid-19 in Lakewood, Gershy was left with the words of ‘Chaim, Chaim’ from his conversations. He thought it has been a long year for everyone and thought it was time that we started to LIVE LIFE. It was then that he was reminded of this song from years before. After tracking down the song, he immediately sent it to Shloime to get his feedback. When Shloime heard the dance song with lyrics, so in tune with the last year where we have been begging Hashem for Chayim Areichem, he knew he instantly wanted to record it and release it to the world. Gershy went to the best, the multi-talented arranger Avrumi Berko to help bring out the message of the song and make sure that it would become an instant hit.

We hope you enjoy it and may we all merit the day when all klal yisroel will get true Chayim Areichem Bimheira B’yameinu, Amen.

This song is dedicated to my dear friend Sruli Kahn a Covid-19 survivor that was zoche to groise nissim.

Available for digital download on all streaming platforms.
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A Gershy Moskowitz Production
Composed by: Pinki Weber
Music and Choir Arranged by: Avrumi Berko
Production assistant: Shragi Gross
Recorded at: Sound Sonic Studios
Adult choir: Neraneha Choir
Children’s Choir: Shir V’shevach Boys Choir
Conducted by: Chaim Meir Fligman
Piano and synth: A Berko
Drums: Barak Aharon
Bass Guitar: Gei Dan
Guitars: Avi Singolda
Sax: Dor Asraf
Clarinet: Avrum Balty
Brass: Dani Flam and Co.
Video and graphic design by: Chani Hershler / Pomelo

הפקה: גרשי מושקוביץ
לחן: ר’ פנקי וועבר
העיבוד: אברמי ברקו
עוזר הפקה: שרגי גרוס
הוקלט באולפני/sound sonic studios
קליפ עם גרפיקה מעוצבת: חני הרשלר/ pomel
גיטרה: אבי סינגולדה
חצוצורות: דור אסרף
בס: גיא דאן

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