Ten Minutes of Meaning (Part 189): The Bathroom is the Great Equalizer – Mesillas Yesharim


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Become a better version of yourself with just 10 minutes of wisdom from R’ Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (Ramchal) and his magnificent work, Mesillas Yesharim.

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Translation courtesy of Sefaria. We are on Chapter 22.

Rabbi Goldberg discusses the concept of humility, as described in the Mesillas Yesharim. He discusses how humble people live more mission-driven lives and are dedicated to serving God, whereas arrogant individuals feel that the world exists to serve them.

He points out that regardless of one’s achievements or accomplishments, one should remain aware of their shortcomings, flaws, and failures, and that this awareness should prevent arrogance. He also mentions that even being human, with all its limitations and finitude, is reason enough to be humble.

Rabbi Goldberg mentions a commentary in the Talmud about what it means to be wealthy, which gives a definition of wealth that is not related to money or material possessions but rather access to a clean, functional, and private bathroom. This illustrates that the dining room table, with all its delicacies, decor, and dignitaries, can breed arrogance, and therefore, one should be mindful of this and be humbled.

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