Ten Minutes of Meaning (Part 193): Absorbing Insults – Mesillas Yesharim


In this episode of Ten Minutes of Meaning, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg explores the topic of humility and modesty, both in our mentality and in our actions. He emphasizes the importance of not elevating oneself or asserting one’s ego in various situations, such as when speaking or walking around, and suggests that we should be happy to fit in and blend in, rather than insisting on being placed in an elevated position.

Rabbi Goldberg also delves into the topic of absorbing insults from others and not reacting to them, urging listeners to take responsibility for their own feelings and reactions, rather than demanding emotional immunity from others. He cites the gemara’s teaching that an individual who can absorb insults and not react is capable of achieving greatness and suggests that such a person can even receive a bracha from others.

To learn more about humility and absorbing insults, check out this episode of Ten Minutes of Meaning. Timestamps for the main topics discussed in the video are provided below:

00:34 – Introduction to the topic of humility and modesty
01:04 – Various ways humility and modesty manifest in our actions
01:38 – The importance of not asserting oneself in the community
02:14 – Being happy to fit in and blend in
03:36 – How our behavior in this world determines our place in the world to come
04:05 – The importance of realizing that all talents and blessings come from God
05:22 – The need to be willing to listen and learn
05:55 – The importance of not imposing one’s viewpoints on Torah
07:03 – The importance of not being too easily hurt by others
10:27 – How to absorb insults and not react to them
11:57 – A story about Rabbi Willig’s ability to absorb an insult

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