Ten Minutes of Meaning (Part 199): Room for Hashem – Mesillas Yesharim


In this episode, Rabbi Goldberg emphasizes the significance of serving God rather than expecting God to serve us. He highlights the detrimental effects of arrogance and how it pushes away the presence of God in our lives. Discover why humility is a prerequisite for achieving greatness and receiving divine assistance.

Rabbi Goldberg introduces two essential strategies for cultivating humility. First, he discusses the power of habits and how forming the right habits can lead us on the path to humility. He emphasizes the importance of gradual and incremental change, both in behavior and appearance, to internalize humility as a permanent trait.

Secondly, Rabbi Goldberg explores the practice of contemplation and deep thinking, encouraging viewers to set aside time for reflection. By turning off distractions and engaging in mindful thought, we can experience breakthrough moments and gain clarity in our journey towards humility.

Join Rabbi Efrem Goldberg for this engaging and practical exploration of humility in “Ten Minutes of Meaning.” Discover how cultivating humility can positively impact various aspects of our lives, including our relationships, personal growth, and connection with the Divine. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and actionable steps towards becoming a better version of yourself.

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