The Chazon Ish Using New Rishonim Published from Manuscripts Pt. 3


This episode was sponsored L’ilui Nishmas Moshe Chaim ben Yitzchok Dovid

0:00- Introduction
3:40 – More on the dateline controversy
4:24 – More on the Shiurim controversy & the Steipler
11:29 – More on Rabbeinu Chananel
15:00 Chazon Ish and Manuscripts of the Gemarah
17:00 – The Story of R Dovid Schapiro
29:27 – R Zevin and R Dovid Schapiro
32:20 – Did the Chazon Ish Actually see a Dikdukei Sofrim
35:30 – Correct way to use the Dikdukei Sofrim
39:03 – Glosses of Chazon Ish on the side of his Gemarah
42:53 – More about the Chazon Ish and Manuscripts
52:54 – New Sefer – R Yakov Kamenetsky

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