The Cheesecake Cure | SHAVUOS in a Spiritual perspective


All Jewish holidays represent different aspects of the Jewish people’s relationship with G-d while Shavuos represents the relationship itself.

Why is Shavuos also called “Atzeres” which means “holding back”? Why are there no special mitzvos associated with Shavuos? Why are Pesach and Sukkos seven days while Shavuos is only one day? These questions are answered by understanding Shavuos as a “blank check” between the Jewish people and G-d.

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Thinkers and commentators like, Jordan Peterson, Rabbi Manis Friedman, Simon Jacobson, Bill Maher, Noam Chomsky, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Lex Fridman, Peter Hitchens, make us think, while comedians like Norm Macdonald, Steven Wright, Mitch Hedberg, Jim Stafford, and Andrew Schultz make us laugh. Here, Rabbi Taub shares a unique and thoughtful perspective based on the teachings of Judaism.

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