The Hamas War: Clarity, Courage, Faith and Unity with Rabbi YY Jacobson, Eli Beer, & Dr. Akiva Perlman


Let’s Get Real: Rabbi YY Jacobson, Eli Beer, & Dr. Akiva Perlman

We Are All Soldiers on the Front Lines United to Uplift the Morale of Our People. What is our Mission today? How can this happen? Why? Where do we go from here?

Let’s Get Real show with Coach Menachem featuring Rabbi YY Jacobson with Eli Beer, the head of United Hatzolah Live from Israel, provided insights directly from the front lines. Additionally, Dr. Akiva Perlman joined to discuss pertinent issues. On Sunday evening October 15, 2023

Coach Menachem’s weekly Sunday night zoom program is a weekly program with the top speakers in the Jewish nation to discuss the relevant topics in the open form question and answer segments. Please join every Sunday night at 9:30 PM Eastern standard time.

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