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In just another few hours, the buses will begin rolling in and we’ll start waving our Zoniacs goodbye.

And while it’s hard to watch them go, we know that it’s not goodbye for long— because once you get a taste of the Oorah magic, you don’t want to let go.

Over the past short few weeks, we’ve seen boys dance with a sefer Torah with fervent joy, wake up early for Cocoa Club with Rav Chaim Mintz, witness a Pidyon Peter Chamor with wonder in their eyes, wrap tefillin for the first time, ask if their counselors had a pair of tzitzis they could wear, try to explain the beauty of Yiddishkeit to their families on visiting day, learn with their TorahMate long past the allotted time…and the list goes on.

It may not be tomorrow and it may not be next week, but one thing is for sure— our Zoniacs will be back.

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