They’re Coming In! EN3RGY ft. Shmaya Fisher & Yedidim Choir | אנרגיה עם שמעי׳ פישער וידידים


Chasidim and En3rgy are a force to be reckoned with!
Shmaya Fischer is a rising star who’s performance is energy defined!
This hand picked collection of music will showcase Shmaya’s diverse style and charisma.
Enjoy this captivating musical production that’ll have you rewatching again and again!

1) Hamenagen – Eli Herzlich composed by Shlome Brunner
2) Chanuka/Mizmor L’Duvid Song
3) Ki Lo Yitosh – MBD composed by Dr. Eli Kranzler
4) Niggun Reb Chaim Brim
5) Keil H’aodaos – Avraham Fried composed by R’ Baruch Chait
6) B’Shefa Bracha – Isaac Honig composed by Meshilem Greenberger
7) Johnny Be Good
8) Nigun Stolin
9) Yishtabach – Yoely Dikman

Sung by Shmaya Fischer
Music by En3rgy/Chaim Bokchin
Producer, Arranger And Guitarist Chaim Bokchin
Drums – Yechiel Bokchin
Keys, Ableton Programming – Jacob Spadaro
Bass Guitar – Yaacov Weiner
Choir – Yedidim Choir Led by Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Live Engineer – Ruli Ezrachi
Sound and Lighting – Eagle Productions Co
Stage Manager – Chaim Tessler
Stage Design – Ushi Tessler and Eagle Productions Co
Mix and Master – V-Gold Beat Production (917 854-0280)
Post production – Ruli Ezrachi, Gershy Schwartz, Motty Feldman
Video shot by Motty Engel/Engel Studios
Video Editing – Leiby Weider/Studio 62
Marketing – I & Me Media
Venue – N’eemas Hachaim
En3rgy Content/Social Media Management – Yehuda Neuman (Normyn Media)
Shmaya Fischer Social Media Management – David Ungar

Special thanks to Pinny Mendelson!

Thank you Wall and Broad Management “People meets property”

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