Tracing the Early Origins of Saying L’Dovid during the months of Elul and Tishrei (Part 2)


0:00 More on the Chemdas Yomim:
1:40 R’ Moshe Halberstam Teshuvah on L’Dovid
3:30 What’s wrong with saying L’Dovid if it’s in the Chemdas Yomim
5:00 Chida and the Chemdas Yomim
6:30 R’ Pinchas Katzenelenbogen, Or Yisrael and Libes Briv.
12:35 Teshuvah of Klausenberger Rav
14:15 Teshuvah of R Eliyahu Manee
16:30 New Chibur of Maggid Of Mezritch
17:25 Gra and the Minhag of L’Dovid
21:30 R’ Avrohom Ben HaGra Pirush on Tehillim
22:30 Is there a source from the Medrash to “say” L’Dovid?
26:30 Another reason why some do not say L’Dovid, based on a story of R’ Eliyahu Baal Shem
30:40 Who Is R’ Eliyahu Baal Shem?
35:28 What is a Baal Shem?
37:15 Who Is R’ Binyomin Baal Shem Author of the Shem Tov Koton?
37:30 Using practical Kabbalah
40:00 Sick person going to a witch to get a cure
42:20 Teshuvah from Zera Shimshon
47:00 Practical Kabbalah work from R Chaim Vital from manuscript
49:00 R Avraham Simcah nephew of R Chaim Voloziner and practical Kabbalah
52:29 Autobiography of R’ Pinchas Katzenelenbogen

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