Uno Hashem – Yoeli Falkowitz, Yedidim & A Berko | אנא ה’- יולי פולקוביץ, ידידים, ואברומי ברקוי


When a simcha is with one of your own, the emotions run much higher. At the Bar Mitzvah of Yedidim Choir Leader Yanky Orlansky’s son, the Yedidim members all performed on stage all night. After the celebration and entertaining the crowd, they all sat down to just enjoy the simcha and sing together, and this was the heartfelt result.

Composed by: Yitzchak Rosenthal of Shalsheles choir
Music arranged by: Avrumy Berko -Aberko Production
Lead singer: Yoily Folkowitz
Choir Arranged by: Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Saxophone: Shlomy Coen
Guitar: Motti Fledman
Mixed by: Blue rythem Studio – Tzvi Bluminfeld
Filmed by: Motty Engel – Engel Studios
Edited at: Studio62 – Leiby Wieder
The Yedidim Choir 347-871-8753 Twiter/[WordFiltered]: @YedidimChoir

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