Yaakov Shwekey: Shema Yisroel – שוואקי: שמע ישראל – Hebrew – 2023


I dedicate this song to my Bubby- אסתר אלטא בת דוד א״ה – a survivor of the blistered gates of Auschwitz.

We reflect on the defiance Bubby wore as armor, her tiny frame that housed an incredibly courageous, big heart. As one of her 26 grandchildren on her 26th yahrzeit,

I remember that after the war, Bubby was told childbirth would require a miracle. She raised 3 daughters. I remember that she saved souls inside the camps by hiding food at the risk of her life. She walked a death march six times. Six times she escaped to live on and build her dynasty. I remember that she was precise in her actions and would be pleased that Her Creator chose this particular day to bring her home.

But today I must also ask you, my sweet Bubby, to bring the כח of your שמע to join ours here for your beloved daughter, רחל בת אסתר אלטא
We need a complete refuah for my mother. We need the power of your complete courage and faith.

As the world lights a collective flame in its promise to remember,
We take my Bubby’s lead and defy the doubters. Deny the haters. She would want us to sing שמע with open voices and open hearts, reigniting the miracles pure אמונה creates from the ashes.

May we all see an answer to our Tefilos- במהרה!

Shema Yisroel Credits:
New Hebrew Lyrics: Anat Hollander.
New music Produced by: Ravid Kashti
Album: Yedid Released: 2004
Composed by Yitzy Waldner
Original Arrangement by Leib Yaakov Rigler
Lyrics by Bella (Rotenberg) Levitan & Abie Rotenberg

עיבוד והפקה מוזיקלית: רביד קשתי
מילים: עינת הולנדר
במקור מתוך האלבום ״ידיד״
לחן: איצי וולדנר
מילים מקוריות באנגלית: בלה לויתן (רוטנברג)
עיבוד מקורי: לייב יעקב ריגלר

הפקת קליפ: עולם ומלואו
אמנית ציור בחול: נעמי זייבלד
US Marketing: Sruly Meyer

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