Yossi Green & Chaim Israel Lech Na Reah | יוסי גרין & חיים ישראל לֵךְ נָא רְאֵה


The Torah relates that our forefather Yakov Avinu sent his son Yosef on a mission to see how his brothers who were out tending to their flocks and herds, were faring. This request seems quite difficult to understand, in light of the well-known fact that Yosef was not liked by his brothers. This mission then would place Yosef in great danger!

The Holy R’ Shlomo of Radomsk, the author of the Sefer Tiferes Shlomo (ספר תפארת שלמה) , elucidates Yakov’s request of of his son Yosef in a totally different light. He explains that since the word (שלום) Shalom which usually translates as peace, can also be interpreted as Shleimus (שלימות)or perfection, Yakov Avinu was asking his son Yosef to go and see the Goodness and the Perfection in his brothers… instead of noticing their failings (חסרונם).

Many of the Disciples of the Besht (בעש”ט) spoke of this very message. The most well-known being the Prayer before the Prayers (תפילה קודם התפילות) composed by R’ Elimelech of Lizensk in his “Prayer before the Prayers” (תפילה קודם התפילה). In this prayer he writes the very moving and powerful words that have become universally known as the song Aderaba (אדרבה) which conveys this exact message.

לֵךְ נָא רְאֵה אֶת שְׁלוֹם אַחֶיךָ…
הַטוֹב וְהַשְׁלֵימוֹת בְּאַחֶיךָ תִּרְאֶה,
וְלֹא תַבִּיט בְּחֶסְרוֹנָם.

(בראשית לז:יד – ספר תפארת שלמה)

“Go forth my son and see how your brothers are doing!”
See only the Goodness and Perfection in your brothers…
And do not notice any of their possible failings!

Composed by: Yossi Green
Lyrics By: Yossi Green Mitoch The Tiferes Shloime

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