Zichru 1,000: A Converastion With Rabbi Avraham Goldhar


It was an honor to spend a few minutes today with Zichru Co-Founder Rabbi Avraham Goldhar. We discuss their upcoming event celebrating 1,000! Dafim learned with Simanim plus some DIY strategies on organizing your learning with simanim.

Twenty people from around the world will be tested on these 1,000 Dafim live at the event. A highlight of the conversation comes at 19:45 when star Zichru member Reb Sheya Seidenfeld from Williamsburg joins the conversation and reminisces how he got started not even understanding the English simanim and how Zichru has changed his life and the lives of many of his Yiddish-speaking friends.

If you’re in the Passaic area this Thursday, December 29th, click here to join this unique event and be inspired.

Event details: https://www.zichru.com/event/zichru-1000

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