A Visit at Eigner’s Bakery at The Row Mall, in Toms River, NJ


we popped into the all-new Eigner’s Bakery located at the new mall, The Row, at Cox Crow and Route 9 in Toms River!

Sorry for the delay in showcasing this store, As the Store Owner Refused to be on camera on a social media Video for the Sake of His Kids Chinuch.

Check out their beautiful store and delicious baked goods available every week! They offer a full dairy and cheesecake menu for Lekuved Shevuos, as well as a complete line of challah, bread, crackers, and sourdough!

Eigner’s Bakery is a perfect spot to indulge in fresh, high-quality baked goods. Their inviting atmosphere and friendly staff make it a must-visit location. Come by and enjoy a great bakery experience at 2160 Lakewood Rd, Toms River.

For any orders, feel free to call us at 732-994-2600. Don’t miss out on the chance to treat yourself and your loved ones to the best bakery in town!

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