Akiva Schechter – Tzadik -צדיק – עקיבא שכטר- Official Music Video


Akiva Schechter – Tzadik – צדיק- -עקיבא שכטר Official Music Video

presenting Akiva Schechter’s brand new song, his second original song after the release of V’Omer Bayom Hahu. This new song, titled, Tzadik has both a strong positive message and a catchy, rhythmic musical message.

The song’s lyrics teach us that even when life feels like a bad dream, we can find a way out. Often life can be hard, we can feel trapped in our own troubles, however even though we fall, we can get back up.

The music video, produced by Menachem Weinstein/Munch Video conveys a spirited approach to our troubles, adding humor, and dealing with these troubles with a smile can often lead us to break out of a bad place with great strides.

Tzadik was produced by Yochi Briskman, composed and lyrics by Mordechai Brezel. The song was arranged by Avrumi Berko, with a choir by Yedidim International.

Tzadik is available on all download and streaming platforms.

שבע יפול צדיק

יודע אני בנסיונות נפשי שהם הדרכים להתעלות
אבל לפעמים כשאנחנו נופלים הלב מתייאש מלהמשיך
אבל אני מתחזק כי אין לי ספק שיש בידי להתגבר
אני מביט למחר ולא על מה שעבר רק ממשיך לעלות

So even though sometimes I’ll fall
I will get back up stand taller
Forever give it my all
Because every step makes me stronger

שבכל נפילה שאת עצמו הוא מגביה
זה מה שמעלה האדם שבע יפול צדיק וקם

produced by yochi briskman
video by munch media
composed by mordechai brezal
arranged by avrumi berko
choir by yedidim international
mixed by chaim gottesman
cover by design in brooklyn
PR/Marketing USA: Sruly Meyer (SMG)

For booking or other information please email yochix@aol.com or call +1718 438 5608
PR/Marketing USA: Sruly Meyer (SMG)

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