Nissim Saal, Yisroel Meir Schweid, A.T. Friedman, Pinye Steinwurzel LIVE IN CONCERT


Incredible live concert by a new generation of chazanim
Recorded live at Young Israel Bethel of Boro Park, Brooklyn
Nissim Saal, Yisroel Meir Schweid, A.T. Friedman, Pinye Steinwurzel
ישראל מאיר שווייד, נסים סאאל, א.צ.פרידמן, פיניע שטיינווארצעל

00:00 AT Friedman – V’al Yedei
04:00 Yisroel Meir Schweid – Elokai Ad
10:47 Nissim Saal – Hashem Moloch
15:47 AT Friedman – Umipnei
21:22 Yisroel Meir Schweid – Shomer Yisroel
29:47 Nissim Saal – Rachem Na
37:31 Nissim – Yisroel Meir – A.T. – Shema Yisroel
43:07 Yisroel Meir Schweid – Mimkomcho
49:50 Pinye Steinwurzel – Lefichoch
56:09 AT Friedman – Akavya
1:03:18 Nissim Saal – Ad Heino
1:12:04 All – Finale – Machnisei – Tehei

Produced by Yochi Briskman
Musical accompaniment by Efraim Leitner
Hosted by Cantor Benzion Miller and Young Israel Bethel of Boro Park
MC Benny Rogosnitzky (Cantors World)
Live sound by Chesky Levy
Mixed by Zohar Zaltz
Video by Neumann Media
Video Editing by Platinum Edit
Cover by Design in Brooklyn
Special thanks to Ofir Sobol

Contact: 718-438-5608

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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