20 Song Contest


Rock Mishpacha has done it again. This contest has 20 songs and 25 questions with a grand prize of $5000. Rules and more information can be found at www.RockMishpacha.com. Contest ends 06/20/2021

The Band!
BZ – Tenor Sax, Baruch – Drums, Avi – Electric Guitar, Mordy – Trumpet, Moshe Flute, Yehuda – Alto Sax, Batsheva – Acoustic Guitar, Abba – Bass Guitar.

The Shoutouts!
Hashem โ€“ Thank you for giving us the opportunity to play music and make people happy!

Avremi G – Listening to the kids, working with them, creating a masterpiece, and conducting so amazingly. We’re his biggest fans!

Ian Freitor – A sound engineer extraordinaire! He takes such pride in his work, and there’s a reason the best singers use him for their work!

Our Teachers โ€“ Scott Kulick, Peter Sparacino, Gal Gershovsky, Ramon Debroyn, Mark Feinberg, Nachman Dryer, and a few others. Thank you all for being so patient!

Motti Engel โ€“ Your work is always the best! Thanks for being so on top of everything!

Our Fans โ€“ Thank you all for your suggestions and compliments! Weโ€™ll keep at it!

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