Rock Mishpacha Intro Challenge


Rock Mishpacha has done it again! Hold on tight as we take a trip down memory lane โ€“ and give you the chance to win $2500 in cash! End Date has changed! The contest will now be ending on April 30th!

There are 25 introductions to Jewish Music in this set, and you need to tell us what they are, for your chance to win! Contest Information is available on our website

Donโ€™t forget to like, comment and subscribe to our channel for extra chances! We would like to thank you all for watching and participating. Follow us on [WordFiltered] @Rockmishpacha to hear about our upcoming shows and special contests.

Special thanks toโ€ฆ

Avremi G. โ€“ The best arrangements ever! This one was really awesome.

Motty Engel โ€“ Do you have any idea how many cameras he set up? Just amazing!

Mix Palace โ€“ Just a great setup and studio. They did the recording and mixing for us and we had a blast!

The Teachers โ€“ Peter Sparacino, Scott Kulick, Abby Brody, Mark Zapata. Check out our website for more information about these fantastic teachers.

Our Guest Star โ€“ Uncle Levi Blachman! He joined us on the keyboard so we didnโ€™t have to overdub.

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