Acheinu – The Shapiro Brothers – Ad Ono | עד אנה אחים שפירא


With the successful group Acheinu (The Shapiro Brothers) releasing acapella singles over the last two years to great acclaim, and the quickly approaching three weeks, fans are wondering what the famed group would be releasing this year.
This song “Ad Ono” was introduced to them by famed shliach tzibur Yossie Lamet and the brothers really connected to it and always wanted to record it. The words are especially meaningful in the three weeks, as we ask Hashem how long will it take for our tefillos to be answered and Moshiach to come. The lyrics come from a part of Tehillim that discusses golus. Whether it’s our own particular golus we find ourselves in, or golus in general for Jews, we ask Hashem to hear our voices and accept our tefilos. Acheinu’s hope is that the re-emergence of this song now will help this hidden gem of a song be re-introduced to the Jewish music world at large and fast become a favorite.
May we all merit true Nechama with the rebuilding of the Bayis Shlishi speedily in our days.

Produced by: Yochi Briskman
Composed by: Pinky Weber
Arranged by: Yochanan Shapiro
Performed by: Acheinu (Shapiro Brothers) Yisroel Meir Shapiro, Yossie Shapiro, Yochanan Shapiro, Ushi Shapiro, Aaron Shapiro
Child soloist: Simcha Shapiro
Recorded at: Acheinu Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Engineered by: Shaya Shapiro
Mixed & mastered by: Chaim Gotesman, Beth Shemesh, Israel

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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