Album Sampler: Tischadesh – Vocal Version | תתחדש – ווקאלי (לימי הספירה) ניגוני ר׳ הערשל ראזענבערג


Moshe Kraus – MK Studios Presents TISCHADESH – Vocal Version, for Sefira!

Ten beautiful new songs composed by R’ Hershel Rosenberg, featuring top Chasidic singers!

When R’ Hershel first came to Moshy Kraus asking to record his compositions for his own private collection, there was never an intention for this music to be released to the world. That was until the songs were listened to and first recorded at the MK Studio. It was at that point that Moshy knew that he was on to something much larger than R’ Hershel had in mind. “This music will not stay hidden in your archives; the world must hear this” was Moshe’s reaction. And so, after a 3-year journey of hard work, the vision of being heard by the world is here!
Enjoy the heartwarming, original songs of R’ Hershel filled with hope, chizuk and yearning!

Produced by: Moshe Kraus, MK Studios
Songs Composed by R’ Hershel Rosenberg
Songs Performed By: Shmueli Ungar, Isaac Honig, Gershi Uri, Lipa Schmeltzer, Moti Ilowitz, Dovy Meisels, Levy Falkowitz, Hershy Weinberger, Ahrele Samet and Beri Weber.

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