Avrum Mordche Schwartz & Shira Choir ‘Seder Night Kumzitz’ אברהם מרדכי שווארץ סדר נאכט קומזיץ


The Chasidisha Farbreng!

Sweet melodies, songs of the soul, were performed at the magnificent show that took place at dyker beach golf course Sunday April 14 in preparation for the ‘Seder Night’ the highlight of the Jewish passover holiday!

This song ‘Nishmas’ is composed by legendary composer Yossi Green & it was originally performed by Shloimy Gertner on his Album Esai Esai

Full DVD of the show will be released soon

Music by Yankey Briskman & Band
Choir: The Shira Choir
Sound: Yoely Karpen
Lighting: GW lighting
Video: Ari Levy – Studio on the dot

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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