Teshias Oilumim (Tosh) – Avrum Mordche Schwartz | תשועת עולמים (טאהש) אברהם מרדכי שווארץ


The Holy Tosher Rebbe Zt”l frequently requested to sing this song at special occasions like weddings, chagim, etc. he had a special connection to these words of the Navi, which means when we jews will be saved from Galus it will be an eternal salvation.

Composed by: Reb Shulem Mechel Orgel
Music by: Bentzy Podrigal & Udi Damari
Drums: Asher Fedi
Bass: Avi Yifrah
Guitars: Noam Chargol
Mixed & Mastered by Udi Damari
Cover Art: Yanky Perl
Choir by: Isumer Orgel
Studio credits: Chaim Yitzchok Goldman and Cheskey Fish

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