Goldman Medley – Shvochim Ft. Yingerlich, Shira, Freilach


The term ‘an oldie but a goodie’ rightfully applies to virtually every single tune composed by the inimitable, unforgettable champion of Chassidish American music, R’ Moshe Goldman z”l. One of the most prolific composers of any generation, R’ Moshe’s library of work illuminated the Jewish world with songs rich in soul and warmth, yet melodically accessible to all.

On Chol Hamoed Sukkos 5781, Shvochim held a concert event in Borough Park to commemorate this giant of Jewish song. Cascading waves of nostalgia washed over both the performers and the audience as old, cherished crowd-favorites spilled forth from the Yingerlach child choir, the Shira adult choir, and the Freilach band.

Ballad. March. Disco. Waltz. Swing. Folk. The genres kept coalescing, while not a beat was missed. We invite you to enjoy this short peek into that spellbinding event––and join in person next time!

Shvochim, the voice of the assembly.

Shvochim is a production-grade, live-gathering concept that transforms the audience from innocent bystanders to engaged performers. The crowd becomes the focal and vocal points, with Shira and other acts serving as a guide to maintain momentum and rhythm.

Every Shvochim event features a diverse songlist of old, beloved heimishe songs, enabling every participant to hum, bob, and sing along at their own discretion. Shira piloted the Shvochim concept at a number of kumzitzes over the past few years, including the marquee Shirim V’shiurim event, and the resounding feedback from people everywhere cemented its merit as the next great participatory event experience.

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Produced by:
Shraga Gold/Shira

Songs composed by:
R’ Moshe Goldman z”l

Music by:
Freilach Band/Avrumi Schreiber

Arranged and conducted by:
Tzvi Blumenfeld

Choir arranged and conducted by:
Yoely Horowitz/Shira

Yingerlich Choir arranged and conducted by:
R’ Shiya Rosen

Event coordinated by:
Kerpy Productions

Live sound by:
Stellar Productions

Engineered by:
Baba Buerger

Mixed by:
Shlome Wechter

Mastered by:
House Of Music

Video by:
Motty Engel

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