Building Connections: Local Lakewood Contractors Planning 4’th Annual Get Together to Benefit Construction Industry


In this video, we are excited to bring you a special gathering arranged by three busy local contractors – Moshe Eigner from Advanced Builders, Pinny Bruan from Lagom Construction, and Yakov Groner from YMG Contracting. Together, they are organizing an event to benefit people in the construction industry.

With a WhatsApp group consisting of over 600 members in the construction industry, they have built a strong community that helps each other out on a daily basis. This event is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to connect and get to know each other better, fostering collaboration. and support within the construction industry.

If you work in the construction industry, you are invited to join us and have a good time at this event.
You can order your ticket at a discounted price

or reach out to Eliyahu Langer of Everest Contracting via WhatsApp for more information
WhatsApp link:

We look forward to seeing you at this gathering, where we can strengthen relationships, share knowledge, and support one another in our construction endeavors.

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