Supporting Chabad in Toms River: An Interview with Chabad Shliach Rabbi Moshe Gourarie


Join me in this captivating interview with Rabbi Moshe Gourarie Shlita, the dedicated Chabad shliach in Toms River. In this video, we delve into Rabbi Gourarie’s inspiring journey and the incredible impact he has made on the Toms River community.

Rabbi Gourarie sheds light on the origins of Chabad in Toms River, recounting the humble beginnings of cold calls back in 2004. From those early days, we witness the remarkable growth of Chabad’s programs and services, catering to the needs of a diverse and thriving community.

This interview also serves as an invitation to join a charity campaign initiated by Rabbi Gourarie. The campaign aims to support the fantastic programs and services that Chabad offers to the Toms River community. By donating and actively participating, we can help ensure that Rabbi Gourarie continues to serve and uplift as many people as possible.

To learn more about this inspiring campaign and to make a contribution, visit

Together, let’s make a difference and support the invaluable work of Chabad in Toms River.

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