Walkthrough of the New Chemed Healhcare Building in Lakewood South with Manager Shimmy Weiss


In today’s video, I had the privilege of teaming up with Shimmy Weiss, the manager of CHEMED HEALTHCARE, as we take you on an exclusive walkthrough of their brand new building ot 1711 River Ave. Lakewood NJ. Get ready to witness the impressive scale and design of this state-of-the-art facility firsthand.

Together with Shimmy Weiss, we explore every corner of the building, showcasing the spaciousness and multitude of healthcare services available at CHEMED. With 20 expansive examination rooms dedicated to pediatrics and 6 specialized rooms for the women’s section, the facility is fully equipped to provide comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages.

But it doesn’t stop there! CHEMED HEALTHCARE goes the extra mile by housing a complete dental department and vision services, ensuring that patients have access to a wide range of healthcare needs all under one roof. Shimmy and his team have meticulously designed the space to prioritize patient comfort and convenience.

The grand opening of CHEMED HEALTHCARE is just around the corner, scheduled for June 1st! Shimmy and his dedicated team are eagerly looking forward to serving the community and providing top-notch healthcare services to everyone who walks through their doors.

Join us on this virtual tour as we showcase the cutting-edge technology, modern amenities, and warm atmosphere that define CHEMED HEALTHCARE. Shimmy’s expertise and passion shine through as he walks us through each department, highlighting the commitment to excellence and patient-centered care that CHEMED embodies.

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