Part 12, What Keeps Us Motivated? Hacking Our Rewards for Success!


In part 12 of the Mind Hacks Series, Charlie continues the conversation about rewarding ourselves for our new habits in order to keep the motivation strong. He explains that step one is a fast and easy reward, like we discussed in the last episode. But to truly hack your brain, there are two kinds of inspiration that are important to know about: internal and external inspiration. When we combine them, we get the most benefit!

Charlie explains:
How we are internally motivated by the progress we make. Movement feels good. When weโ€™re making progress inside, it makes us feel good and makes us want to do more. Keeping score and making that check each day is a reward in itself!
How social acceptance is such a powerful external motivator. It is such a basic human need, that the lack of social acceptance can cause a fight or flight response! So using the power of social acceptance in the form of an accountability partner who recognizes our progress can make a huge difference in keeping our new routine going.

So to get the most out of your reward ritual, give yourself that instant reward, and follow up with measuring your success and texting your accountability partner!

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