Part 11, Reward Your Brain!


In part 11 of the Mind Hacks Series, Charlie reminds us of the three steps to building a lasting new habit: cue, routine, reward.

The reward is so critical because when our brain and body feel pleasure, they will drive us to do the routine again and again. The brain connects the desired activity with the pleasure, which makes us WANT to do the action!

What reward should we use? What is the ideal reward?
Small reward- don’t overdo it.
Find something you enjoy or want to do.
Maybe it’s something you do every day anyway, but now hold back and only do it after the routine. Ie- I won’t drink my coffee until I do the routine.
Reward must be immediately after the action at first
Soon, your brain has you WANTING to do the routine!

See you in the next episode to discuss the cue!

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