Mind Hacks to Actually Reach your Goals with Charlie Harary – Part 6


Why aren’t we already where we want to be? Why aren’t we healthier? More giving? Some part of who us is blocking us from that thing. We don’t really believe in the thing we say we want!

We fail because we change our hands not our heart-we don’t REALLY want to do it for some reason. Something inside of our brain, in how we perceive ourselves, is holding us back. We haven’t changed our identity.

Charlie discusses:
-Why we revert to our old ways

-Why we must identify the root of who we want to be

-Who you really are at a soul level vs. who you’re programmed to be

-Do-Have-Be vs. Be-Do-Have

-Change can happen in a split second!

So how do we figure out who we want to be and how to change our identity? Let’s discuss it next time!

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