Part 10: The Secret Hack to Strong New Habits


In part 10 of Mind Hacks, Charlie teaches a huge brain hack that will shortcut your routine building: visualization!

Creativity, imagination, and dreaming are seen as children’s play. But when used properly, visualization is the secret to getting the best results.

Charlie tells the story of Charlie Wolfson, one of the greatest neurosurgeons in the country, who uses visualization before every surgery. In an instance when the surgery doesn’t go properly, he knows right away, because it differed from how he’d visualized it!

Charlie discusses:
How visualizing causes new connections in the brain. This is the secret that so many great people use- creating neural connections BEFORE even doing the action! This makes doing it easier, your brain already knows how to do it!

How the brain doesn’t know if what we’re imagining is real or not!

How to use process visualization to visualize the process before doing it. This helps a)visualize the problems before they come up and figure out solutions b)allow the brain to recognize the action before ever doing it, therefore making it easier to do

Charlie guides us through picking our new 1% routines, playing them out in our minds, notice which problems arise, and either adjust the routine or accommodate the problems. That way we can adapt the routine so it actually works!

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