Mazal Tov On Your Bar Mitzvah! (Ep. 225)


Sponsored in honor of my parents 37th anniversary and Lโ€™ilui Nishmas Bentzion Michoel Ben Baruch Shimon.
Thank you Rabbi for sharing Divrei Torah in a way that makes it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
Naami and Shimmy.

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[00:00] Intro
[05:01] Mazal Tov!
[41:07] Q&A 1: Show Highlights?
[41:48] Q&A 2: Chessed Before Torah?
[50:14] Q&A 3: Flowers Alternative?
[51:30] Q&A 4: Edge of the Galaxy?
[55:37] Outro
[56:11] Theme Song


“The Rabbi Orlofsky Show Themeโ€
Composed and Performed by Lenny Solomon
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