Part 18- Using Our Goals to Create Systems


Today, Charlie discusses how important systems are to achieving goals rather than relying solely on goals themselves. He emphasizes that goals are exciting and necessary but often fail to produce results.
Harary explains that systems are the functional aspects of everyday life, just like how society operates with interconnected systems. Systems provide reliability and allow growth and progress.
To avoid falling into the trap of repeating the same goals year after year, we need systems. He notes that successful individuals follow process-oriented routines, waking up at the same time, dedicating specific periods to certain activities, and structuring their lives meticulously. By creating systems for various aspects of life, such as waking up, food preparation, family interactions, and studying, one can establish a new normal that operates automatically.
The goal is for these systems to become ingrained in daily life, so they require less conscious effort. This creates space in the mind to dream, set new goals, and aspire to greater achievements. With the foundation of solid systems, individuals can continuously increase their 1%, refine their habits, and pursue deeper levels of growth.
While it may sound counterintuitive, structure is critical in fostering creativity and innovation. Charlie shows how true this is for Apple and Tesla! Building systems and processes enables individuals to handle the necessary tasks efficiently and frees up mental energy to pursue new ideas and connections. By programming our lives and establishing effective systems, we can unlock our potential for greatness and continually strive for the next, higher goal and achievement!

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