Part 17: How to Create Your New Normal


On todayโ€™s episode, Charlie explains that when youโ€™re making changes in your life, you must take stock of the environment that brought you to where you are in the first place, and make sure to be around people who are doing what you want to be doing.

The theory of Mimetic desire by Renee Gerard teaches that human beings create their desires based on what they see in the culture around them. Which means our desires may not even be our own! It might be that what we desire is based on something we see in our society, which all of a sudden we want. All of a sudden we find ourselves needing the thing we may not have even known existed before we saw it! Ie- the world of fashion!

Therefore, the environment we put ourselves into is critical!

Charlie explains:
-The importance of being connected to something which creates an environment in which your new habit is normal, like a workout buddy
-The danger of falling back into your old neural connections
-Why it might benefit you to make your new habit public

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